4 common types of thread gauges available including UN thread gauges

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UN plug gage

Those who are associated with manufacturing business, for them, selecting and understanding the various thread gauges available are of utmost importance. The type of thread gauge that you choose ensures the purpose you are using it for produces effective results. Hence, it becomes vital to understand and know about the traditional thread gauges that are commonly used in manufacturing processes. There are essentially four popular choices among thread gauges, namely UN thread gauges, NPT, ACME and metric.

While looking at thread gauges for your requirement, it is essential to keep in mind a few things. These assist you in the selection of the gauges as these parameters are essential to consider.

They are:
–    Affordability
–    Accuracy
–    Operational dependency

These help you to determine the best thread gauge in the market that would be perfect for you.

Four common types of thread gauges available:

1. UN thread gauges

The UN thread gauge, also known as the Unified Constant Pitch thread gauge is one of the popular ones out in the market. There are five different types available. They are:






The standard tolerance for these is available in thread ring 2A and thread plug 2B. It has an external and internal tolerance in 1B, 2B, 3B and 1A, 2A and 3A respectively.

2. NPT thread gauge

The national pipe thread, taper thread gauges or the NPT gauge includes two main types. They are the NPT thread ring gauge and plug gauge and both comprise of different functions. It has a thread angle of sixty degrees with a flat tooth and taps at 1:16.

Before you buy an NPT thread gauge, it is necessary to assess the function and the equipment which you would be buying it for.

3. ACME thread gauge

ACME thread gauge has a flank angle of 29 degrees. It has a thread height of half a pitch and comes along with flat peaks and crests. There are various ACME gauges for you to choose from. There’s a GO-NOGO ACME gauge, stub ACME gauge, Centralized ACME gauge and so on. Depending on your purpose, you can make your choice.

4. Metric thread gauge

Finally, the metric thread gauge is used for external and internal threads and comprises of the plug and the ring, just like the other gauges. The metric gauges have a reputation for being highly accurate along with standard tolerance levels. They are easily available and affordable and are extremely durable as well.

Beside those mentioned above, there are other thread gauges available as well.  Some of these are BSPT, Whitworth, Trapezoidal, API, NPSM and so on.

Needless to say, there is a broad range of thread gauge available in the market. Depending on the purpose of your job, you can either select UN thread gauges or ACME or some other to produce efficient results. No matter what you choose, be assured that it would function correctly, provided you purchase it from a reputed and trusted manufacturer. So, go ahead and define your parameters to choose the right one for your line of work.

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