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The marketing industry is growing and changing fast and all marketing students must stay up to date with the current analysis and trends. With this information, the students can sharpen their skills and broaden their knowledge. One of the easiest and convenient ways to do this is using the internet.

The internet provides easily accessible and useful information concerning different digital marketing strategies, news, and insights. Most marketing websites are updated regularly and contain useful information that can benefit the students and ensure that they are at the top of their game. However, scrolling through different websites can be quite exhausting and time wasting.

Here is a list of 5 websites that every marketing student should know.


The site is full of practical, how-to guidance, you’ll also find insight and advice from the experts, and an active community for discussing the latest news, information, and advances that are moving the industry forward.


Content is the main form of currency in digital marketing. This is why Contently is dedicated to integrating the dateless art of creating compelling stories into the digital era. It provides remarkable software that helps upcoming business create good content. This is aimed at helping marketers as well achieve great business and company outcomes via leveraging data-driven and technological insights.

The website’s blog also contains storytelling strategies, courses, guides, eBooks and resources that will be of immense value to marketing students. Contently also provides freelancers with the opportunity to work with the best brands on high paying projects. Freelancers get the chance to pitch their creative ideas, work and receive instant payment on submission. To apply for these jobs, sign up on their website and create a free portfolio that showcases your expertise. You can also go ahead and sign up for their newsletters, to get the latest information from the content marketing industry.


HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales. It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. Its products and services aim to provide tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization.

Four Dots

The Four Dots blog is the most suitable blog for marketing students looking for comprehensive information on SEO, digital marketing, link building and content marketing. With this, you get the opportunity to learn about marketing from experts.

The team of interdisciplinary experts offers different views and approach on the challenges faced in marketing, thus providing the most beneficial solution.

The Moz Blog

MOZ focuses on Search Engine Optimization. The site contains research, insight and the best advice from the industry’s experts about SEO. With the information provided, you can predict the conversion value of keywords for SEO. This will help you use keywords that highly profitable for your business.

The internet is full of educative information in marketing. This is why marketing students should incorporate the use of internet into their learning curriculums.

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