Cloud Storage a Right Choice for Business

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Cloud hosting technologies have captured the world and numbers of companies are understanding the importance of adopting it.

Whether you hold a large or small business, you’re bound to get the benefits from a cloud hosting services. However, the cloud storage lives in its nascent levels because businesses lack the expertise and capability to optimize a cloud storage. Some have not yet realized its real potential as they are too blinded with dependency on their physical servers.

So, what is a Cloud Storage?

Companies should try to understand what is a cloud storage, before they choose to accept it or ignore it. Cloud storage can be described as the computing system in where your data is stored on the remote servers. These remote servers can be accessed over the Internet via a “cloud”. The cloud hosting service provider will be all responsible for managing, running and maintaining the remote servers. According to current reports, almost 65% of companies are using some kind of a cloud storage based solutions. The figures are enough greater in the US than in the other nations, whereas nearly 93% of enterprises prefer to keep their all data in a cloud. This raises a question as that why a cloud hosting is growing so popular amongst the enterprises; whether it’s the marketing gimmick or it’s truly beneficial for a business growth?

Why cloud storage is important for the businesses?

Unless you need to expose your company business data to the risks of damages and loss, it is always beneficial spending little more money to store it in a cloud. There are multiple advantages of using a cloud storage solutions such as:

  • To start with, a cloud storage assures you will no longer require spending much of your money on buying a hardware for the storage. Every year at a time, you have to bear a cost of buying new servers, installing and paying for its ongoing maintenance. Even if you thought of purchasing one of the best products from the market, there won’t be any guarantee that you don’t need to pay for any maintenance costs. There are always some costs involved in for maintaining such a high-end types of equipment. However, when you register for a best Cloud hosting service, it will cut down the cost of buying in-house storage devices, which will help to save your money.
  • When you adopt a cloud storage solution, you need not worry about paying for training or hiring a person to monitor those facilities. The cloud hosting service provider takes care of their management and maintenance. So, each time whenever there is a new hardware or software technology added, you save on training and hiring expenses. Therefore, the IT staff will be spared from these tasks and can focus on improving rest of important areas in business. In short, your IT budget gets cut down and hence, you start getting a professional assistance from your cloud hosting vendors.
  • Opting a cloud storage facility will cut down on a carbon footprint and reduces energy consumption. So, cloud computing is an environment-friendly technology you can make a huge saving on electricity and power expenses when you use cloud storage for storing your critical data.
  • When it comes to securing or protecting your critical data from natural or unnatural disasters, you can always count on a cloud storage to provide your company full protection. The fact of data loss accounts for shutting down in most of the businesses and about only 6% are able to manage and to survive for a higher than almost two years after the incident of loss data. The cloud hosting solutions will offer the best protection against all loss of data by preventing server crashes from affecting the availability of data. Data stored in a cloud also get protected against the natural calamities like tornadoes or floods.
  • Moreover, the cloud storage offers a greater flexibility to businesses, it enables to access any files and data at anytime from anywhere. Hence, you are able to access documents and spreadsheets comfortably from your home, by using your private laptops as well as smartphones. With this flexibility, it guarantees that your employees are able to work from anywhere, even when while traveling away. A cloud storage will provide all the time data access whenever needed.
  • The best part of using cloud storage facility for any businesses is that it gets synced automatically across all the devices that you work with. Earlier, you were had to manually synchronize data across different platforms and devices. This process was the most inconvenient and time-consuming. However, cloud hosting technology is the most effective time-saving solution on this.
  • Lastly, no denying the fact that a cloud storage is the most economically convenient, where clients will pay only for their requirements. So, instead of maintaining and paying thousands of dollars for your in-house servers every month, you will only pay for the storage you need. Your cloud storage facilities can get customized depending on all your specific needs.

These are only a few reasons that why cloud storage solution is the right choice for your business. However, small-scale businesses are already experiencing its advantages and if your business fails to adopt the same, you will end up dropping out many benefits of this best cloud computing solutions.

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