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We live in the times where we have two worlds to live in: the real one and the virtual one. The Internet has become a world in itself and we have more than enough stuff to explore. Counting the things that the Internet is up to, there is social media, app stores and a lot more. Social media needs no introduction as it is penetrated in our lives deeply and the work social media strikes a lot of chords in our mind. There are applications and digital platforms that allow you to socialize and show your different sides to the world.

These apps are not limited to social media, e-commerce or sharing economy only. Google Store is overloaded with different kinds of apps and some of those apps are worth the hype. There are applications which reward you for the social media activities you take part in, these rewards can be as good as buy one get one free Dubai. It sounds too good to be true, but this is true. There are apps of such kind who rewards you if you take part in the social media activities through those apps. Let’s discuss the essence of such apps.

You go to some place, check in there using any social media app and get socialized. Now you are doing this just for socializing and you are getting nothing in return. Now if you have an app that rewards you for your social media activates, then you will get a reward for checking in at that place. All you need to do is check-in though that particular app and follows some things that they ask you to do. If you want to buy one get one free offers in Dubai, then you need to download an app like Feed. Feed is an app designed by Feed Tech FZCO.

This is the app that can reward you really good for your social media activities. People living in Dubai must download this app for rewarding social media fun. This app has got a lot of things for you, just download it and enjoy it to the fullest. You will get some serious paybacks for your social media activities.

About Feed:

This is a prominent app for people in Dubai; it awards you for your social media activities. From Dubai 2 for 1 vouchers to a lot of other rewards, they have a lot in the kitty for you, you just need to download it.

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