Fashion Jewelry – Add a Zing to the Bling

December 23, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Fashion, Jewelry

If you have peeked at a fashion magazine or any of the latest styles of women’s accessories online, you must have noticed the stacked bracelets crawling up bare arms or congregating necklaces that seem to cover the entire bust. For the last two years, the way that designers are showing us how to wear fashion jewellery has taken concepts from the past and melded those to the way women want to feel.

When the economy took the worldwide dive, most women have had the feeling of being poor. Looking at the runway and magazine models all decked out in fashion accessories reminds us of those days when we were bold and enthusiastic. Wearing new jewellery in any way or old jewellery in a new way encourages women to take action on her sleeping ideas. Maybe, you want to start your own business; or, you want to get promoted to vice president of the company. Let your jewellery perk up your self-esteem. Save money and find unique pieces by shopping for fashion jewellery online.

Combine bangles that glitter with a thin chain and a big red-painted bead on a bare wrist with a sleeveless top. To feel powerful, drape yourself in three necklaces that are made of different materials. Red, yellow and black is power colours to take control in the boardroom. For days that you want to be taken more seriously as a businesswoman, use white, blue and light green with your outfit. If you have to appear at a business function, wearing pinks and pastel yellows to send the signal to the audience that you are approachable. As the songwriters of the Great Depression said, add a little zing to the bling.

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