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December 18, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

Let’s Build ASafer Neighbourhood

The City Spidey app understands your need to feel secure in your home and neighbourhood and has built-in features to ensure that.

Registered Membership: Residents connecting through City Spidey can rest assured that everyone on the app has been verified and registered with their Society or RWA Management.

Society/RWA Management will find City Spidey’s dashboard handy for cataloguing and tracking residents and service providers so that unwelcome strangers can be filtered out.

Online Directory: Everyone you need to know in the neighbourhood is automatically entered in City Spidey’s online directory through its Society Management System.



Visitor Management: City Spidey has an inbuilt gate management system that enables residents and Society/RAW Management to screen and control the entry and exit of all visitors to the society or apartment complex.
This visitor management system is seamlessly integrated into City Spidey’s society/apartment management interface so you don’t have to download a separate app for this utility. Plus, it operates on smartphones and does not require expensive hardware or special security installations.

Transparent Accounts: City Spidey’s secure and easy Accounts interface allows society residents to make and record online payments of their dues to the Society/RWA management in a transparent way.
Indeed, no society management system is complete without a utility to make accounting easier. Society/RWA managers will welcome the easy experience of maintaining accounting records on the City Spidey Accounts tool.

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