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Being active on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is really fun. People share even the tiniest details of their lifestyle with the world such as the club they went for partying, the places they go on trips, the restaurant and cafes they go with their other halves to dine, the places where they hang out with friends or even the places they go for shopping. When you check out the feeds on these apps, you can very well get to know about a person’s lifestyle with the kind of posts he uploads. But have you ever thought that being socially active can actually reward you? If not, then you must know that there are several apps who provide you feed social rewards for being active on social media and for sharing your post, pictures, boomerangs and experiences over your favorite social media platforms.

At first this would surely sound unbelievable to you, but there are actually ways through which you can earn rewards for being active on social media platforms and sharing stuff over it. Earning rewards with the help of social media platforms is not a very difficult task since people love spending time over these apps and nothing can be a great option than earning some really good deals while doing something that you love and which is fun.

There are several free rewards apps such as the Feed app that you can download on your Android or iOS devices to earn rewards. All you have to do is sign in to your favorite social media app such as Instagram or Facebook and then visit their outlet listing page. Then you simply need to check the offers the particular outlet is offering and then share your pictures, experiences and reviews about that outlet. Followed by which, you can simply ask the waiter of that outlet to enter the pin details so that you can enjoy some really fantastic deals on that outlet.

And the best thing is that you can do this for every outlet that has been listed on the app and avail rewards and benefits for each. The process is quite easy and can fetch you some really great deals on the food you love most in lieu of being active on social media platform and spending time over it. Therefore, download Feed App, the most amazing discount app Dubai and get rewarded.

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