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Safety and security are two major considerations in our daily lives. We go to great lengths to ensure that we and our families, homes and possessions are covered and demand equipment that provides complete peace of mind. Electronic and keyless door locks, monitored video surveillance systems and automated smoke and carbon monoxide alarm systems secure your home and property whereas safes and strongboxes keep your valuables safe and accessible to no one except yourself.

Anything important to you and of which and want to maintain possession is considered a valuable, whether it is jewelry, cash, precious stones, legal documents, photographs, collectibles, confidential business documents or even personal safety tools. Guns, in particular, require special care in handling and storage in gun safes to make sure that they do not fall into the wrong hands. A breach in the security of such weapons can lead to catastrophic consequences, with the owner potentially held liable. Safes guarantee that your most treasured and important valuables are conveniently kept together and only accessible to authorized individuals.

Because your valuables come in all shapes and sizes, safes are also available in all dimensions to secure just about anything. They are generally constructed of heavy cast iron, as it among the strongest and most durable materials on the planet. With cast iron construction making them next to impossible to break into and also resistant to the highest temperatures, today’s safes are the most secure ever built. They are engineered and manufactured to withstand any break-in attempt, regardless of the method and level of force.

Recent studies indicate that nearly one-third of all Americans own a gun—ranging from approximately 5% in Delaware to over 60% in Alaska—and that the total number of guns is well over 300 million. The per-capita rate of gun ownership is the highest of any country in the world, twice as high as the #2 country, Serbia. From handguns to shotguns and assault rifles, any and all guns are readily available and gun safes for sale are essential to secure and protect them. Today’s safes are equipped with keypads and electronic combinations. Without physical keys or combination locks, these safes are virtually impregnable.

In addition to safes, gun owners also commonly purchase several different accessories. Holsters are needed to carry, hold or restrict movement of their handguns. As the name suggests, dehumidifiers are used to protect guns by regulating humidity levels as well as dust. Stands and holders are utilized for keeping and displaying multiple guns. Stationary organizers are helpful in storing multiple handguns, knives and ammunition in a single location. Detachable door organizers can be folded and then packed into a specialized, battle-ready case. Cases safely hold guns and other weapons while being transported, including on aircraft.

For the strongest and most durable and secure safes, gun accessories and industrial-styled furniture on the market, Rhino Metals is your one-stop source. In addition to its selection of patented Ironworks and Kodiak safes and specialized furniture, Rhino Metals sells holsters, racks, stands, custom bars, dehumidifiers, door organizers and apparel. Rhino Metals is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of different metal components used for major companies in equipment and buildings around the world.

About Rhino Metals

Rhino Metals is a US-owned and -based manufacturer of some of the best safes in the world. Rhino Metals proudly leads the industry in terms of quality, innovation and unsurpassed customer service. The company sells safes, gun accessories and tool chests made from only the highest-quality materials.

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