How to Combat Rising Security Issues in Cloud?

August 18, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Web Hosting

As more and more businesses realize the benefits of cloud computing, enterprise cloud adoption are seeing an upper trend at unprecedented rates. However, it has become necessary to protect the sensitive cloud-data, use remote backup plans until there is an emergence of dedicated solutions to bolster malware defenses in the cloud.

Top 5 Areas to Consider for Cloud Security Issues

The following five areas are the most important to consider while combating cloud issues:

Tackle Zero-Day Threats

Malware attacks are on rise. Therefore, a zero-day protection can help businesses stay ahead of these attacks. Using static analysis these tools can combat advanced threats on the basis of risk decision associated with any given file. It also helps you identify threats.

Scan Data Flowing To Endpoints

Third party security solutions protect most cloud platforms and thus do not offer advanced threat protection. So it is recommended for businesses to stack up endpoint protection to the highest possible standards. The solution needs to work across all applications, rather than working solely on one or two apps.

Dedicated BYOD Protection

Although dedicated endpoint security solutions are most of the times quite effective in securing managed devices, unmanaged BYOD assets often go unprotected. Therefore, companies need must enable secure upload and download of files from unmanaged endpoints.

This will offer best user experience while ensuring security of corporate data.

Prevent Malware from Spreading

One must take efforts to prevent the spread of malware in case a network becomes infected to maintain the integrity of data as much as possible. Advanced Threat Protection technologies help businesses to detect and block known and unknown malware before or even stop a malicious attack in progress.

Rethink Enterprise App Security

Enterprise productivity apps such as G Suite and Office 365 are quite functional and secure thus eliminating the concerns of downloading corporate documents or attachments from these services.

Vigilance can play a leading role by incentivizing the employees to flag anything suspicious and apply the same common-sense approach to downloading files that they would for any other application.

The rise of enterprise cloud solutions has greatly benefited organizations. Organizations need a combination of existing, advanced tools to defend and keep away from most determined attackers. Check our Online Cloud Storage Solutions for secure, easy to use storage backup service for desktops and notebooks

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