how to improve quality of ultrafine mill

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Used in conjunction with the ultrafine mill, the high efficiency of the separator, the system yield is also high, so to improve the efficiency of the separator, grinding mill can effectively improve the efficiency. The key technology of the separator is ‘dispersing’, ‘classification’ and ‘collecting’. Air velocity, gas flow, air flow, gas-solid intersection and flow field distribution and the number and structure of the selection chamber have a great impact on the classification efficiency. So, be careful when picking.
In the process of using, users can also increase the output by certain means. Oh rogue moisture content will affect the grinding efficiency, it should control the water into the mill material. In the mill production process, the size of the water into the mill material has a great impact on mill output and operation, material moisture is too large, so feed time has been extended, affecting the uniformity of feeding, is not conducive to the mill Normal operation
When the temperature inside the mill is too high, the water evaporates by heating and adheres to the mill body and the lining together with the fine powder to form a cushion layer. In severe cases, it also forms a solid material ring inside the mill, hindering the material Circulation, reducing the efficiency of grinding, resulting in a huge increase in mill cycle load, reduce production.
Users should be very familiar with the operation process of ultrafine mill, pay attention to the maintenance of machinery, so that you can also increase the production efficiency to a certain extent.

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