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So…..You want your listing to Rank Higher in
eBaY Search
Results & Make more SALES???

NoteThis is a bit of a long READ but is Completely FREE & Worth Your time!!!!

Here Goes…..

The Basics of Ebay’s “Best Match” system for displaying listings using it’s Current Cassini Algorithm consists of the obvious in regards to using an appropriate & literate use of keywords and keyword phrases in the Title & Description Etc.

Others: Consisting of Listing End Date, RECENT Sales & Positive Buyer Reviews.

The Ultimate Factor Being: How Recent Sales Have Been / Are Being Made!!!

“Yes, I get that but how do I make the sales in order to get ranked higher in search results for my listings in the first place???” ……… You may ask!!!

Well, believe it or not… Google, Bing, Yahoo Etc. are still quite popular places for people that search for items to purchase and well as information about manuals etc.

This is before they go to eBaY and search listings as a Newbie or Current Member.

Being said: When they do a search for items on Search Engines surprisingly enough
a result 
for a Specific eBaY Item Listing is rare and very vague in Title & Description.

Also, more often than not, the link – “Backlink”  is to the search results for that category on eBaY only…      Still not helping right???

Okay!!!……Here’s The Little Known Secret!!!

Most Website Owners know this about the importance of Backlinks to their Site’s Content, The Value of WHERE the Links to their content are placed (other websites & social media), AND AGAIN -The Keywords for Title, Description, Tags, Etc.

These Website Owners see their Backlink Statuses, Visitor Traffic, Etc. through their Websites Admin Panel for Only the Website(s) they own however…I know… I know.. “I don’t own a website or selling different item on EbaY”.

That’s where This / I will FREELY help:

You want MORE Direct views to Your EbaY listingNot someone visiting your listing
from SIFTING THROUGH EbaY search results and moving on…that’s not so good for EbaY’s Best Match.

Trust that eBaY’s Algorithms will remember that the “visitors” to that category went to your “item-listing” FIRST – Hence thinking your item “Better Matched” search Criteria than other-listings in the “visitors” opinion!

Now when someone is directed DIRECTLY to Your Listing via searching Google – etc. there is a chance potential customers will look at other listings…

However, they still visited You First & Chances are Higher they will return and BUY  from YOU being Your Listing made an EXCELLENT– “First Impression!!!  …right???

>>> Not only that but, YOUR Exact Listing will ALSO have been found via MORE Words in Listing Title than eBaallows!!! <<<   MAJOR BONUS !!!

Okay…….So let’s do this……..!!!

I will help you for FREEBut, you must put in some effort to help this Get Going!!!!

I have a Premium Membership to a Service that allows me to Submit {Spun} Content & Associated Links to 100’s of Social Networking – High Pr “Ranking” Websites.

{Spun} Essentially meaning: Using “different words” meaning thesame thing” –
Like Using A Thesaurus for Synonyms???

This seems tedious to begin with but – you will become an expert real quick!!!


This helps for YOUR links to appear Naturally & Keyword Rich –  to ALL Search Engines.

So……. As an EXAMPLE for one of the ongoing eBaY listings I have…  I wrote:

(Make Sure to use spaces in between {SPUN} Titles/Description and correct “punctuation” so to read well.)

Listing – Link:
(This is My Listing Link/Address as an example….)

Title: Use at least 3 but up to 20 Versions in the format {title1|title2|title3}

{Cheap|Low Cost|Afforable|Ulimited} {Domain|Web|Website|Business}
{Hosting|HostingServices} {Only .99cents Per Month|Only $0.99 cents Per/Mo}.

A Minimum of 160 chars to max. 1200 – Try to “spin” every 2nd or 3rd Word

{Web|Domain|Website} Hosting – Unlimited {Made|Created|Offered} At {Affordable|Reasonable|Cost Effective|Budjet Friendly} {Prices|Rates}. {Order|Purchase|Buy} Now {with|having} Buyer
 {using|following} {the|this} link to our EbaY {Store|Listing}.

Tags: “Comma, Separate, Up To 8!”

Tags EssentiallyKeywords or Keyword Phrases – Do a search on Google for keywords-
phrases having to do with your product and find/copy the “what others are also searching for” links at the bottom of page…

You’d be surprised how many keywords/phrases we don’t think of when we are thinking as a Seller & not in the “Buyers View/Mind”(s)…

Once you are done with the above….

Click >>>Contact<<< and paste all your excellent work to be FREELY Submitted on Your behalf…

Once I submit your “EbaY Listing’s Descriptions” to over 100 High PR Sites:

They will be Auto Drip Fed over 10 days – This is Good  to appear Naturally – Not Spam!!!

After the Drip Feed is finished I will also send you an RSS Feed Report of ALL Your New Backlinks!!!      Sound good????? …… ô¿ô  

So……what’s in it for me?????

All I ask… In Return is to: Use the FLOATING Share Menu – To the Right and SHARE  this Page to as Many Social Networks you may be a Member of…. Please?  ô¿ô….???

(= …..  >>> Using The HONOR System Here <<<  …. =)

I won’t be able to check if it  was You that SHARED but SHOWS in the LONG RUN!!!! =)

Thanks for Reading & Sharing…..

Best Wishes,

JayB.   (Other Projects…..)


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