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Let’s face it!!! Site S.E.O. & S.M.O. can be a Tricky Conundrum to Increasing Search Engine Result Positioning in order to get those desired clicks for that Very Valued And Motivated Human Website Traffic.

Yes, Indeed Backlinks to your Website or Blog pages are GOOD as well as Being Shared on Social Networks.

However, there again other than Manually & Tediously doing a bunch of Hard And Time Consuming work to gain those Backlinks and to Share Your Site or Blog on
the Many Social Networks often do not gain much S.E.O. Merit.

A Note About Social Networks:
They are GREAT except, FaceBook for example: Sure you can share your Website
or Blog on your timeline, to friends, in likely “spammy’ groups and so on… You can
have more than one profile again to repeat such actions… But really what’s the value? Probably not much… Because if your “Shared Content” already went “Viral” the Chances are Very Likely that you wouldn’t be reading this…. right???

What you want is people to Share your content on THEIR Time Lines, with Their Friends… Because the people that they SHARE with are very probable to have the same interests as your Content Expresses… Yes?

And, of course, You STILL NEEDING the Visitors to Your Site (Found Through Search Engines) to then Share Your Content Naturally & More effectively!!! STILL is the VISCOUS cycle that you need to break Easily & Rapidly!

Aside from “Original Content” and Titles, Descriptions, Keywords, Etc. The real
Search Engine Positioning Merit comes from how your Website Ranks in Alexa.Com’s Traffic Index. Example Google is Ranked #1, YouTube #2, FaceBook#3 Etc. ….

Unfortunately, Most new Websites start out in the HIGH MILLIONS… =/

Quite obviously these sites Rank so well because they receive the most traffic from
around the Globe and therefore they receive the Highest Positioning in Search Results.

This is where I refer you to use Alexa Master!!!

They offer a GREAT & FREE opportunity to get your Word/Website “Out There” for
people to see as well as to get many views to help Boost Your Alexa Rank in order to then increase your Search Engine positioning.

As with pretty much anything, yes there are reasonably priced – paid options for online advertising/buying traffic etc. to help you with your online money making endevours… But, what I am here to tell you is that you can run their Simple & Safe Auto-Surf System to earn an immeasurable amounts of Credits to then in turn use
for Traffic to your Site.

You can even Easily Earn Credits by Simply Watching YouTube Videos!!!

Aside from any Banners you submit and receiving “Good Votes” by members,
truthfully most of the Visitors to your Website’s Pages will be via Auto-Surf as well…..

However, The Main Goal is to better your Alexa Traffic Ranking #Number so that you will THEN in turn Rank Better in Search Engine Result Positioning gaining a GREAT POTENTIAL For: ~~~~> More Clicks by REAL Human Visitors!!!

Indeed, when Clicking any of the Banners to sign up with Alexa Master I will get
Referral Points. But, with that being said, I also hope you will Know & Trust that not only do I use Alexa Master on the Many Domains I own Myself …. I also regularly use Alexa Master to better my Client’s Alexa Traffic Rankings as well!!!

Best Regards To You & All Your Endeavors!!!

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