Interactive Rhymes and Stories to Help with Language Skills of Your Child

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Children have to be taught how to read, write and understand the words they listen to. All this is taught in the formative years of their growth that is ages 1-5. Many nursery schools use phonics as a way to teach children about the sounds of the alphabets and their manipulation in different words. A study conducted showed that kids knowing more than 7 rhymes by the age of 4 are the best readers and speakers in their grade by the time they reach grade 3 & above.

Nursery Rhymes are a great way to learn for children. They inflict the part of the brain which develops and grooms their imagination apart from learning the various language and vocational skills. These skills are important for children to learn the pitch and rhythm required in different speeches. They also teach them how to use the language variations in story-telling and poems.

The “Old MacDonald Had a Farm“ teaches the children about poetry, the sounds of animals and a clear storyline which triggers their imagination. The E-I-E-I-O sounds in the rhyme which is to be sung along help in developing the early sense of vowels and their pronunciations to the children.

The tale of the “Five Little Penguins” teaches the children that adventure comes with risk and such risk shall be taken with due care. Exploring the world is good but utmost care shall be given to self safety. Children have to play so that they learn and develop the spirit of playing.

In this digital world all these rhymes and stories can be viewed online on video sharing websites such as These rhymes show animated visual representation of such stories and rhymes to help your kid view and learn along with listening to the narration.

Kids TV- Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Songs are one such YouTube channel where kids can be taught and shown nursery rhymes and stories.

About Kids TV:

The channel is made for Educational Nursery Rhymes and songs for children. The channel shows 3D animated visual representation of the rhymes and songs for all over growth of children alongside their Kindergarten education. For more information on Kids TV- Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Songs, log onto: or visit the YouTube Channel on:

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