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April 6, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Health, Health-Fitness, Medicine
Buy Bimatoprost

Buy Bimatoprost Online

In this post we shall share with you tips on how to make most of Generic Latisse or Buy Bimatoprost to grow your eyelashes longer, lush and darker! Some of the tips may sound off label or in other words ones that do not fall under FDA recommendations. Also read the medical guide published by FDA on the use of Bimatoprost.

The most wonderful effect of Latisse is that it increases the growth phase of your eyelashes enabling them to grow longer, thicker and darker. The growth of hair on your body undergoes growth phase and resting phase. The resting phase of hair growth on your eyelashes is longer than your head. Therefore you see phenomenal growth of hair on your head while hair growth on your other parts of the body which includes your eyelashes is limited. Bimatoprost, due to its active components, stimulates the growth of hair on your eyelashes and increases the length of growth phase.

But the real trick of getting the best result from the drug is to know its unique application method. Latisse on your skin other than the roots of your eyelashes is pure waste resulting in hair on unwanted areas and darkening of the skin. This effect can fire back in terms of your looks. So we have come up with this unique way of applying Generic Latisse to the roots of your upper eyelashes:

1. The brush provided along with the drug is certainly not ideal for systematically applying drug to the roots of eyelashes. It is thick on its edge which can cause the drug to drip in sideways and spreading over unwanted areas of skin. Therefore it is necessary to cut 75% of the bristles of that brush to make it thin and appropriate for application of Latisse.

2. The next option is to buy a lip liner or eye liner brush and wash it properly before dipping it in Latisse. These are thin bristle brushes with the right tip to apply Bimatoprost to the exact spot on your eyelashes without any wastage and importantly getting the drug on unwanted areas of facial skin.

3. By using the right brush you will make your drug last for a longer period of time. Now just take a single drop of drug on the cap of the bottle of Buy Bimatoprost online. Gently dip the tip of your brush on the drop of drug and apply it on the roots of upper eyelash only. There is no need to apply the drug on lower eyelash. Your blinking of eyes is just enough to feed the roots of lower eyelashes.

4. If you accidentally touch the tip of your brush at unwanted areas of your skin then simply wipe the drug away at the earliest possible. If you leave the drug on the unwanted skin for a long period of time that part of the skin will grow hair and will get darker in colour. So avoid getting the medicine at wrong or unwanted part of your facial skin. Do not panic as the drug effect is temporary.

So these are simple user-friendly tips to make the best use of your Generic Latisse or Bimatoprost and to give you long, lush and darker eyelashes to flaunt during your special events or social gatherings.

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