Peru’s Best-Kept Secret – Airport Massage

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Machu Picchu, was definitely the high point of our trip to Peru. But getting spa-quality massages at the airport was what we bragged about most.

From Machu Picchu to the Nasca Lines, Peru is a land of famous mysteries, but Relax & Spa, is one of Peru’s best-kept secrets. You can get an hour-long massage for just over $25 US! And it is spa quality, not like the guy in the public hallway with that funny, face-down chair. You get a private room with a proper massage table, aromatherapy, soft music, candles, and a licensed massage therapist. Yes, at the airport.

This little gem is up on the second floor Jorge Chavez airport in Lima, a short walk from the food court. It’s actually easy to miss when you’re focused on finding your gate, but you definitely don’t want to miss out on Relax & Spa.

Vanessa and I had a 2+ hour layover. So instead of being cramped and crowded at the gate, we were relaxing like rock stars at the spa. First, we got one hour, full body massages for just over $25 USD each. It wasn’t a couples’ massage. All of their rooms are singles, so we were in separate rooms. Then since we had more time to kill, we each got 30 min foot reflexology massages for less than $15 USD each. Ahhhh. We were so relaxed for our flight, we slept all the way back to Miami.

Just about any trip to Peru involves lots of hiking with backpacks and heavy gear. Almost everyone returns to the airport with sore feet and an aching back. And when word gets out about the quality and value of Relax & Spa, it may be hard to get an appointment. We recommend making an appointment early. I would even make it to airport extra early to have enough time for a massage. When your flight itinerary is set, make an appointment in advance.

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A massage is great anytime, but booking one right before your return flight is one of the best ways to end a great trip.

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