Research Properly Before Purchasing a Lace Dress for Your Special Day

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A wedding dress is a particularly meaningful purchase, as it is something most women have been dreaming about for many years and happens only once in her lifetime. For this reason, the search for that one perfect dress requires that a significant amount of time be spent researching and comparing options and deciding what is most important and, ultimately, how you want to remember—and be remembered on—one of most special days of your life. The process of finding and buying your ideal designer wedding dress can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience, but the anxiety and indecisiveness that go along with it can also make it a very stressful one.

Before you are ready to try on wedding dresses, you should take time to consider exactly which style and details you want and will be most flattering and which type of fabric will make you look your absolute best. For example, you can choose a lace appliqué wedding dress to achieve a timeless and elegant look on your wedding day. This is currently one of the most popular trends, as evidenced by its selection by celebrities and renowned international designers. You should always consider your body shape and size, as well as the colour of lace to be stitched onto the dress. The best approach is to research the endless topics related to wedding dresses, trends and designs, and then narrow down options before making a decision.

When researching your perfect wedding dress, determine which styles, fabrics, colours, cuts and embellishments flatter your body type, skin tone and height. A lace wedding dress never goes out of style and is always a beautiful and fresh look…nothing compares to the classic elegance of wedding dresses crafted with lace. Whether purchasing for yourself or any other family member or special person, it is important to have an understanding of different types of laces and how they will look adorning the design you select. Here are the four most common laces used on wedding dresses:

  • Alencon

Nicknamed the “Queen of Lace,“ this is a needlepoint lace that originated in Alencon, France. Alencon is characterized by an intricate floral design atop a delicate meshwork background.

  • Brocade

Brocade is a richly decorative lace, often made of beautifully coloured silks. They can be combined with rich gold and silver threading and are often adorned with elegant sequins and beading.

  • Eyelet

Eyelet is a decorative and delicate lace often made from a light, soft fabric such as cotton or silk. Common designs include diamonds, squares, floral themes and simple, abstract patterns, which add contemporary flair to your wedding dress.

  • Embroidered

Embroidered is the most popular lace pattern and is usually stitched onto plain fabric, forming the appearance of an appliqué.

Apart from these, other types of beautiful lace are available depending on your individual style. Taking these myriad options into account when choosing from thousands of available wedding dresses is a daunting task and requires that you find an experienced and reliable partner. Many designers create wedding dresses but you must find the one with whom you feel most comfortable with entrusting one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Catherine Deane is among the top designers in London. She is passionate about designing dresses with unique silhouettes, waistlines and necklines that flatter your figure. Catherine aims to create wonderful works of art with a unique combination of interesting features, colour, lace and other components. Since launching her label in 2005, brides everywhere have fallen in love with Catherine’s collections and continue to cherish her creations long after their special day has passed.

About Catherine Deane

Catherine Deane is one of the most well-known wedding dress designers London and is respected around the world for her impeccable style, unparalleled attention to detail, incorporation of the latest techniques and trends and, of course, amazing wedding dresses. You can browse Catherine’s latest collection within her online boutique—where you can also select and purchase your perfect wedding dress—or by visiting her exquisite showrooms in London and New York City.

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Catherine Deane is a luxury womenswear brand combining long forgotten craft and modern twists of simplicity to create one of a kind, timeless pieces.

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