Some Comparisons About Reactive Magnesium Oxide

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   Today, let us talk about the differences between reactive magnesium oxide and high pure magnesium oxide, and the differences between reactive magnesium oxide and AR grade magnesium oxide.

High pure magnesium oxide refers to the content of MgO reached more than 98%. And the reactive magnesium oxide refers to the ability to participate in physical or chemical process, the different activity mainly depends on the size of the magnesium oxide crystallite, incomplete structural and other factors.

The applications of pure magnesium oxide.

Under the condition of high temperature, high pure magnesium oxide has excellent electrical insulation, alkali resistance, and good light permeability, often be used as high temperature materials. Meanwhile, it can be used as the raw materials of high pure fused magnesia. Act as    “AR magnesium oxide” in chemical. In the electric field, used for insulating material & magnetic device filler, and a variety of carriers. In the field of ceramic, used in the manufacture of raw materials, such as transparent ceramic crucible and substrate.

AR magnesium oxide generally has the high content, the gas phase method is its preparation process. That means making high purity metal magnesium and oxygen generate into crystal nucleus, then make particles continue to grow and make into high purity magnesium oxide powder. AR magnesium oxide is mainly used for reagents and other chemical industry or intermediates.

AR magnesium oxide refers to the content(purity) of MgO in reagent can reach the standard. Active magnesium oxide means has strong adsorption and chemical reactivity. They are two different definitions

What are the difference between the high pure magnesium oxide and reactive magnesium oxide? In the process of production of high-grade products, need to add the high pure and low impurity magnesium oxide. But if you want to improve the reaction speed, active magnesium oxide is need. In general, reactive magnesium oxide reaction speed is faster. The application of active magnesium oxide is widely. According to the different iodine value, reactive magnesium oxide can be divided into low active, active, highly active. Low reactive magnesium oxide is mostly used for flue gas desulfurization, acidic waste water treatment, etc. Medium reactive magnesium oxide is mainly used for neoprene. Highly active magnesium oxide is mainly used for medical butyl rubber bottle stopper. Besides, Low reactive magnesium oxide generated made by calcining magnesite, the reactive magnesium oxide that iodine absorption value more than 120 built/g is usually produced by a special process.

The preparation technology of reactive magnesium oxide is calcined magnesite stone in the reflection kiln gas, to control calcination technology, process, coal and production equipment. Control the temperature in a certain range, loose ore internal structure, and the big spaces between the crystals change-and the pore, make the magnesium oxide has specific activity.

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