The 3 Minute Dog Fire Hydrant Guide

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Male pooches love to pee on anything upright. Unfortunately this can cause many problems. A dog fire hydrant is a great way to keep this natural behavior under control. And here is your fast guide to them.

Somewhere That Works For You

More often than not, dogs are allowed to go to the bathroom where it’s convenient for them, not for their owners. For example when permitted to pee on the lawn, the high nitrogen content in their urine can actually kill your grass.

By using a fake fire hydrant for dogs however, you’re able to create a space that works for both your pet and you. You get to control where your pet goes to the toilet so you don’t have to deal with smells, messes, or damage.

A Fun Idea  

There’s nothing special about a pooch peeing on an ordinary post in any way. However change that post to a hydrant and it’s a fun and unique pet potty solution. That’s because the dog and fire hydrant are a classic combo that everyone knows.

This means you’re sure to get smiles, compliments, and laughs from guests when they see your hydrant in use. And of course as an added bonus you get to use it as a garden statue.

Options, Options, Options

When deciding on one, you’ll find that there are many different options available. So it’s best to take your time. They come in materials such resin, plastic, and metal.

Hydrants are also available in various colors and in sizes from small all the way up to extra large. There are even options that have been impregnated with a scent. A scented fire hydrant for dogs will have a special smell that makes your pet want to naturally urinate right on it.

Location Tips

Placement is of course very important. Doggy hydrants should be put in an area that has good drainage. This will help you from having to deal with any future messes. Consider adding one on the edge of your yard to help keep waste out of sight as well.

And don’t overlook adding one in your pet’s kennel if there’s enough room. This will ensure he has somewhere to relieve himself, and add some style at the same time of course.

A dog fire hydrant is a fun and one-of-a-kind way to keep your pooch peeing where you want. Just be sure to take some time when considering which type you choose and where you place it for the best results!

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