The Global Magnesium Oxide Supplier

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   At present, Meishen Technology is the largest scale and most competitive magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier in the global.

Ranking the top three of market share all over the world.

Recently, the production capacity of leading products of the magnesium oxide is hundreds of thousands tons per year(Number One in the world), the magnesium carbonate is several tons per year(largest one in Asia), the magnesium sulfate is several tons per year(largest one in China). According to the introduction of Mr. Sun, the president of Meishen Technology, high-end materials is the most critical and largest usage amount raw material, however, our manufacturing technology from backward magnesium hydroxide production plant in the 1980s introduced.

Faced with non-core technology, and there are high monopoly, cruelty and high complexity in the magnesium oxide industry, Meishen Technology puts forward in the innovation and practice, diligently carries out arduous for independent innovation. Successful breaking through the foreign technology monopoly blockade, developed with independent intellectual property rights in our country very large scale manufacturing technology of magnesium oxide, which achieves the big breakthrough.

What’s more, the Meishen is the largest and most professional medical magnesium carbonate supplier in China. It invests more than 10 million to buy the most advanced equipment, and to realize full-computer control. Workshops are automatic line production, so it do not need a lot of staff.

What is required to prepare for staff entering the medical magnesium carbonate workshop operations ? Dressed in a white coat and wearing a headset. Only go through the staff channel can enter into the workshop, each employee a card to enter. Before entering the workshop, equipped with automatic faucets sink to wash clean and dry, after alcohol spray opponents secondary sterilization. Finally, go through the wind channel, then the wind blowing from different perspectives, blow the people all the dust and debris on the body. After these preparations employees can access finished workshop. Production workshop preparation is capped with more than 50 uv lamp, it should be carried out one hour of UV germicidal during the rest period. In between magnesium carbonate cooling and packing room, the installation of two sets of one hundred thousand air purification unit, the air is filtered and sterilized to ensure high cleanliness.

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