There are Something About MgO Used for Dye

December 20, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

   Magnesium oxide has already developed several decades, a lot of people is still unfamiliar to it. Especially some people never contact chemical industry, perhaps without even ever having heard about it. Today, a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer, Meishe introduces the the magnesium oxide used for dye.

As the matter of fact, The enterprises’ rate of operation is about 50% or less, so the demands for the magnesium oxide are greatly lowered. But it is found that the dye industry is slowly recovering through the market survey from the business people recently. Then it is important to gain an understanding of why magnesium oxide can made dye.

The dye’ s positive ion can combine with the acidic function group in the third monomer of the fabric, this step can help fabric dye. The cationic dye is the special dye in dyeing acrylic fabric and has advantages of the high strength, the bright color, the good light fastness and so on. Adding the cationic dye to magnesium oxide plays an important part of oxidation. And it is regarded as the acid-acceptor to adjust the PH. The cationic dye belongs to the textile dyestuff, it also can be called the basic dyestuff. It represents a cations state with water and mainly used in the acrylic fiber dye. And it also can combine with the protein molecule as the saline. The cationic dye is water soluble, ionizes in solution, and than creates dye with positive charge colored ion.

As a professional the magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer, Meishen is focusing on the research and application of magnesium oxide for years. The products are widely used in some industries such as rubber, oil paint, print ink, plastic material, digital jet, paper print and so on, and some other food industries like powder food, medical intermediate, cosmetic, tooth pasta and so on. Meishen Technology was founded in 2003. In order to continually meet the rising market application and technical demand, Meishen Technology has integrated application system for quality inspection control and test. At the present, our company developed extensively business relationship with more than 20 countries at home and abroad. We zealously welcome all walks of friends at home and abroad to hold talks about cooperation, and wholeheartedly create beautiful tomorrow with numerous clients!

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