Top 10 Adventure Vacations for Adrenaline Junkies

You only live once! If you’re the type of person who wants to live with no regrets and no unfulfilled dreams, then these 10 adrenaline fueled vacation adventures are for you. Do crave speed, danger, exhilaration, and natural beauty? Check out these 10 awesome once in a lifetime activities that will you give you serious bragging rights.

10. Minjin Jungle Swing, Cairns, Australia

The legendary Minjin Jungle Swing begins with harnessed riders precariously perched at 45 meters in the air among the beautiful Australian tree top canopy. You can take a moment to enjoy the view because the release mechanism that begins the ride is user-controlled. When the fun begins, you are dropped from 45 meters and quickly hit speeds of up to 120 kmh (75mph) as you frightfully hurdle to within 1 meter of ground. Combining intimate encounters with natural beauty and high-octane thrills, Minjin Jungle Swing begins our list of the Top 10 Adventure Vacations.

9. White Water Rafting on Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

This is one of the most beautiful and challenging white water rivers in the world. Situated near the Victoria Falls in the heart of Africa, the Zambezi River is truly a once in a lifetime destination. Almost half the river’s rapids are class VI, which will test and thrill even the most experienced rafters and kayakers. The natural beauty of Victoria Falls is breathtaking, and seeing wildlife like crocodiles and hippos up close and personal makes this trip a must.

8. Extreme Hang Gliding, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Hang gliding is one of the most “adjustable” adventure activities. If you want the ultimate roller coaster ride pulling serious G’s, hang gliding can give you that. If you want the more peaceful experience of soaring through the sky, hang gliding can give you that as well. But since hang gliding flights can start at one mile (1610m) in the air or even higher, you’re sure to have an amazing experience of human flight. Hang gliding in Rio De Janeiro has the added benefit of some heart-stopping natural beauty as you glide from a perch high up on Corcovado Mountain through the rugged coastline and along the beaches until you land on one of Brazil’s best beaches.

7. Zip Lining at Zip World in Snowdonia, Wales

This is not your ordinary zip line. It is the longest and fastest zip line in the world. The line is over 1 mile (1.61 km) long and top speeds can reach 100 miles per hour (161 kph). At Zip World, zip lining is as close to flying as you can get without being a superhero.

6. World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail, Mt. Huashan, China

The infamous Plank Path along the south peak of Mt. Huashan spans a couple hundred meters and looms 2000 meters above ground. Even the photos give you vertigo and make your heart beat faster. Your bravery will be challenged step after dangerous step as you traverse those meager old wooden planks and cling to that rusty chain. Did I mention your 2000 meters high? I love it, adrenaline thumping adventure while moving at a snail’s pace. Only in China.

5. Canyon Jumping, Interlaken, Switzerland

If you’re not familiar with the awesomeness that is Canyon Jumping, imagine bungee jumping without the sudden jerk at the bottom. In my opinion, Canyon Jumping is the superior activity with superior thrills. Canyon Jumping at Interlaken, Switzerland adds the gorgeous and dramatic Swiss Alps as the setting for your adventure. At Interlaken, you will jump off a 100 meters (328 feet) platform, free fall for 85 meters (279 feet) and reach speeds of 120 kph (75mph).

4. Swim with Sharks, Pacific Harbour, Fiji

Fiji is home to some of happiest people on earth and some of the best shark diving on the planet. The most important thing to know about shark diving in Fiji is that you’re in Fiji, so you win before you even hit the water. During your triumphant dive you’ll see up to 8 species of sharks including bull sharks and tiger sharks. Pacific Harbour is also home to over 300 species of fish and beautifully diverse reefs.

3. Storm Chasing Adventure Tour, Tornado Alley, USA

Now you can experience the massive power of a tornado as close as possible without getting sucked up like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. These tours last from 5-7 days and guarantee a storm experience. What’s more exciting than Mother Nature when she’s angry and on a rampage?

2. Drive a Race Car, Lamborghini Academy, Imola, Italy

Several tracks around the world now offer a wide variety of race car driving experiences. The absolute coolest is the Lamborghini Academy at Imola, Italy. Lamborghini offers you the chance to drive some the most advanced cars in the world on some of the most challenging tracks. Just imagine whipping around the track at 350 kph (218 mph) in a stunning $500,000 high-performance Lamborghini. Now imagine all of that being situated in the gorgeous Italian countryside. Che figata!

1. Jet Fighter Pilot for a Day, Los Angeles CA.

This is it, adrenalin junkies, your Holy Grail of speed, G force, and death-defying feats of superhuman skill. Yes you, an average person with no flight experience, can take command of a fighter jet. And not only that, since it is a “fighter” jet, you can also engage in real life “dogfight” at 5000 feet with another jet. Of course, the ammo is fake, but the rolls, loops, thrills, and memories are as real as it gets. This is one the most amazing opportunities in the world. And with prices beginning at around $1400, it is much more attainable than you may have believed.

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