Use of ultrafine mill dust collector

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ultrafine mill dust collector is mainly to help collect dust to prevent its spill, resulting in environmental pollution, this accessory at work, but also need to pay attention to its mode of operation and maintenance, otherwise it will be adversely affected, Here is to introduce, the use of the Notes.

ultrafine mill in order to meet environmental requirements, the need to install dust removal equipment to collect dust to prevent the phenomenon of its spill, in general, the use of the process, the parts are not static, if used improperly or not properly Maintenance, then there will be damage to the phenomenon, in view of this phenomenon, this article is to introduce the use of precautions.

In general, in the production of ultrafine mill, there will be a large number of slow falling ash in the hopper of the precipitator. The leaking air flow in the counterflow direction also causes the secondary flying of landing dust and multiple reincarnations. Therefore, A phenomenon of air leakage occurs that will make the dust concentration in the dust collector multiply higher than the dust concentration in the intake air, which may cause the dust removal efficiency of the device to decrease.

This article mainly introduces the use of ultrafine mill dust collector, on this issue analysis, the above is mainly introduced when the accessory in use, which situation will cause the failure of its environmental performance phenomenon, for these phenomena, we are in For changing the parts in use, we must promptly resolve, if preventive measures can be taken, if the aircraft can not meet the environmental requirements, then it is difficult to get the customer’s population, as environmental protection has become the market now One of the production needs.

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