“Using Article Directory Plugin”

Using Article Directory Plugin powered by WordPress can be a great way for Business Owners, Authors and Specific Interested Audiences to share content and communicate experience in any given niche.

Much like all of the “ How To “  Videos on YouTube, Articles submitted are, of course, free and useful content to specific audiences desiring helpful information.

The benefits for allowing Authors to publish free content and as well as the enticing opportunity of a FREE backlink to their own website on YOUR site are almost endless…

Beginning with the content “itself”…. It is KEYWORD rich and generally very natural and unique making it searchable and fresh. Even for older Articles submitted, persons adding to the Topic’s discussion via by adding comments on the subject matter.

This is GREAT when you think that Google loves this fresh content, the ever increasing amount of new and repeat visitors and the links given back to your site when you are giving visitors the ability to share published Articles via the numerous amount of Social Networks out there.

Of course, at the beginning progress may seem somewhat slow and or tedious when getting started with WordPress and installing/setting up all of the plugins available.

The Good News is that most of the plugins that you would typically be needing are usually free.

There will be a link below giving step by step instruction to help you on how to go about getting everything up and running smoothly.


A fair WARNING to those that are considering placing their Google Adsense Advertising code on their website…

The Advice is to “simply” not add the code until you are pretty well finished with the theme/plugins on your new Article Directory website and have begun to receive a decent amount of traffic.

Also, it is a good idea to block your computers IP address within your Google Adsense account as they look very much down on repeat visits by you whether you are editing the site or just visiting new articles/comments made by others.

This and using any of the vast amounts of Traffic Exchanges out there can get your Adsense Account suspended or even terminated without notice. And trust they will not pay you any of the Adsense money you may have legitimately earned at all.

Not to say that Traffic Exchanges are a bad thing. They are a useful way to get your Site’s Brand out there and increase your Google and Alexa traffic rankings for Search Engine Optimization / SEO etc.

However, restating the obvious, it would be something that Google would consider “stealing”…

Who knows, they may have/use an “algorithm” that will also decrease your position for search results in their search engine as well as other popular ones like even Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo etc.

Since they are all pretty much “married” anyway… Being, that they use Google’s same proprietary Search Algorithms or something very similar.

Other Suggestions:

Maybe to start with, use one or more of the many banner exchange programs available….

Do a Press Release….

Don’t hesitate to revisit your own published articles to add, reword or even subtract/streamline content.
Try to not only think of your Articles from the readers view but also from the Search Engines eyes for being keyword rich… All edits make your content “NEW” again….

Make sure to add your Articles to all “related” categories and use the “tags” function for as many additional…again “related” keywords as possible.

Even if you are an “EXPERT” in your field, topic, niche…
When writing… Do a Google/Bing/Yahoo search!!!
Get to know your Audience and try to include as many keywords and phrases shown as “other suggestions” at the bottom of the page that people search for and include them in your Articles…. You won’t be sorry!!!

Write a “Hard Copy” on your computer using your word processor… so you always have a backup of ALL your HARD WORK… Yes, you can use other backup tools as well…. But, There is nothing more frustrating than having to repeat yourself… right???

Hopefully this Article was helpful to you. If so.. It would be greatly appreciated to make comment below and SHARE this page on as many Social Networks as you will using the Floating Share Bar to the right of this page…. =)

Thank You for Reading & Sharing!!!!

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