Veganism: Common Questions and Responses

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The number of people transitioning to veganism over the past decade has increased dramatically. A vegan lifestyle is attractive for countless reasons including a commitment to healthier living, disease prevention, delicious meal options and a desire to reduce animal suffering, global warming, and world hunger. Even with these benefits, though, vegans are often misunderstood and mocked in circles around the world. Four common questions regarding veganism are:

1. What about intake of protein, calcium and other vitamins and nutrients?
A startling percentage of non-vegans believe that sufficient amounts of protein, calcium and other vitamins and nutrients can only come from animal-based sources. This, of course, is simply not true. Plant-based foods also include essential amino acids, nutrients and vital precursors, which the human body uses while producing critical nutrients. Select greens contain calcium, legumes pack plenty of protein and seeds are a terrific source of iron. In fact, many world-class athletes across the globe are adopting a plant-based diet—one rich in plant protein—as it helps them become stronger and faster and aids in faster recovery.

2. What do the vegans eat?
Vegans avoid all types of meat (including fish), eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived products. Their diets include beans, legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables. Many vegan versions of traditional animal-based foods are also now available and include vegan burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, cheese, yogurt and mayonnaise. When many people hear “vegan,” they immediately think of soymilk and tofu. While both are staples in the diets of millions of vegans, many other options exist on today’s market.

3. Doesn’t the human body require meat and other animal-based foods?
As established in the first question above, the answer is a resounding NO. Top health experts and advisory boards in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia agree that well-planned and balanced vegan meals are healthy, safe and viable alternatives to meat-based diets for people of all ages. Governmental health agencies around the world are finally paying attention to vast amounts of scientific evidence which shows that veganism leads to significant health benefits over meat.

4. Is all vegan food strange and unsatisfying?
Because many—quite possibly most—people do not have a thorough understanding of veganism, they believe vegans eat only salads. They are unaware of the delicious and nutritious plant-based meal options now available. Nearly everything an omnivore eats also comes in a vegan-version, including macaroni and cheese, burgers, pizza, muffins, burritos and more.

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