What do you do if you lose your loving Android phone?

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Your favorite device

You can easily prevent theft. and

Stolen, but the thief was able to catch

Effortlessly! For some apps

And the tips are exempt.

Before you can use this technique to ensure

Make your GPS device


And launched Gmail

Account Login

Did not have to.

1. Android Device Manager

These apps are

Free and Android

The device is built.

Settings app to Active

-> Security -> Device

Administrators -> Android

Device Manager.

With these apps to your email

From Account like

Remote control

The control device

Can be.

If a laptop is stolen or

No Smart Device

Please log in to Gmail device. The

First Google

The GPS map

Track through your phone.

The new phone password here

The lock can be.

Even on the phone all

You can delete data. Then

You can set an alarm to five

Full-minute intervals

Sound volume.

2. “where is My android” app download from

Play Store

. Use of the the app like

Android Device Manager’s

. However,

There is an advantage

* if SIM card change

u get the mail notification

* After the theft of the user’s

In writing any custom


Word / phrase with a secret

Can you do it

* User Unknowingly

can take pictures with the camera

Or flash Active

you can do it.

* Send a text or Phone Lock from computer

* The same strategy

Remove memory data

3. Avast Mobile

Securities and


The antivirus smartphone apps,


The premium version

Two dollars per month to get

have to give.

Its advantages are: remote lock,

Incorrect password three times

The permanent lock, remote cameras,

Features backup and other devices

Or text from your computer


Better to get the speed of the course

Access Administrator

Must have.

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