What is the Differences Between Domestic and Overseas MgO?

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   Today, magnesium oxide was introduced to the international market. Because of the widely applications, magnesium oxide has much room to develop. However, with the development of various of magnesium oxide suppliers, many people is doubt that is it good of magnesium oxide quality and performance. At the side of imported product, the magnesium oxide still exists a gap.

At the first, in terms of magnesium oxide quality and performance. For example, the magnesium oxide has high activity and performance from Konoshima and Japan. But the application industry of it is single. In the domestic market, Meishen Technology can produce magnesium oxide with high activity and performance. What’s more, it can be widely used in a large number of fields. The advantage goes to these magnesium oxide in the internal and international market.

Next, the production process of magnesium oxide is also different. The content of magnesium oxides is different as well. The product with more advanced production process can be used in higher end product. It made uncompetitive for product to produce and calcine simply. At the present, the manufacturing technique of magnesium oxide in China is advance in the world. The magnesium oxide which produced by Meishen, a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer supplier, can be used in many applications.

Finally, because of the differences in research and production, the magnesium oxide price is different. The magnesium oxide quality of overseas magnesium oxide is similar to Chinese product, but it is more expensive. However, Chinese magnesium oxide depends on precise after-sales service and growing research ability to rise. For example, Hebei Xingtai Yejin can produce pharmaceutical and food grade magnesium oxide, it is one of the few magnesium oxide manufacturers which can produce high pure magnesium oxide.

On the demand side, due to national expanding domestic consumption the economic stimulus plan had not quit, some policies, such as home appliance going rural and auto to the countryside, are continually implement. This causes increase of some industries’ demand for magnesium oxide. What’s more, the textile industry also has the sign of a pickup. Therefore, the downstream industries’ strong demands support the rising price of magnesium oxide.

Magnesium oxide plays an important role in the development of production. Its performance and quality concern industrialize performance. So you must pay attention to this point. It is magnesium salt enterprise’ goal of development to move toward international and occupy foreign market.

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