Why Labuan based Trust Company is Better for Labuan Company Formation

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Labuan is a small island territory of Malaysia. The small territory is renowned as one of the world’s best tax havens. A tax haven is a place, which charges minimal taxes and accountability for the companies based in its territory. This makes it one of the best places for the rich and the established companies of the world to set up a shell company in the territory of Labuan. However, setting up a Labuan company is not easy. Offshore agencies charge exorbitant prices to set up a shell company in Labuan. However, this cost is just a startup cost for the companies to establish long-term savings on tax.

The small territory is a tax haven due to the zero accountability required by the companies. A company has to pay tax at a mere 3% of its net profits, which is subject to a limit of MYR 20,000 maximum. Another benefit of Labuan company formation is the fact that the companies can pay out the maximum tax rate in order to avoid any audits. This is a huge benefit for the companies in the long-term, needing no audits to pay out the tax rates. This makes Labuan as one of the best tax havens around the world.

However, a Labuan based trust company can ensure that you setup your Labuan Company in the easiest and legal manner. The local trust company also ensures that you are subject to pay minimal fees and can bypass many legal authorities involved in the process of company formation. This is possible due to the strong local connections and network held by the local company. One such company is CS Trust.

CS Trust offers fast and cost-effective company formation in Labuan. The company found in 1999 has since become one of the best in the business. They boast of professional and honest employees dedicated to serve you in the fastest time possible. CS Trust over the years has formed a deep connection with the leading banks and other such authorities in Malaysia ensuring that your company formation process is hassle free. The company also has international affiliation with audit and tax firms in Singapore, Labuan and Kuala Lumpur.

About CS Trust:

CS Trust offers pocket-friendly and hassle-free Labuan company setup services to its clients.

For more information about CS Trust, visit Cstcl.com.my.

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