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If you’ve ever been a candy junkie in your childhood, you’re part of a much larger collective that have holes in their teeth. No, this is not a candy give away or a promotion for a candy store. What I’m talking about here, is the fact that these sweet treats do much more than causing sugar rushes. They’ll stick to your teeth and make holes. Cavities are a really big and common problem all over the world. Here in Canada, severe tooth decay is the reason most pre-schoolers have to go through the horrors of surgery early on in life. In Canada alone, around $21 million are spent annually on dental surgeries. And these numbers sadly, only represent the tip of a much bigger ice-berg.

A regular Lethbridge dental clinic treats around 20 to 30 patients in a day. Because of such high demand, the market for dentists has increased significantly in the last decade or so. This has caused one major issue, and that is the lack of quality. When going to a new dentist for a dental checkup, you need to be absolutely careful about the qualifications, experience, recommendations and references of the doctor. One mistake and you could end up with a piece of metal in your jaws where some normal digging and filling would’ve done the job. I speak with experience of course.

Reliable dental services like teeth whitening, dental implants Lethbridge, root canals etc. are available at your disposal at All West Dental, a dental clinic from Lethbridge (Canada). With a team full of medical professionals, Dr. Debbie Mulroy has made her practice a sanctum of pretty smiles and satisfied customers who can properly chew their food without the worries of any food slipping into the cavities in their teeth. So if you’re someone who is looking for uncompromised, professional dental care, visit the practice of All West Dental.

About All West Dental:

All West Dental is a dental clinic from Lethbridge, Canada. They specialize in all kinds of dental treatment like invisalign, hygiene therapy, root canals, restorative, aesthetic, surgical and oral sedation. They also have procedures like teeth whitening Lethbridge and dental implants. For more information, visit

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